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Sahara foundation

Sahara Foundation

Giving back to the society has always been a key commitment of the Sahara Group. As against making a show of our contributions to the development of society, our focus is on quietly touching lives that genuinely need help. In partial fulfillment of this commitment, Sahara Foundation was formally launched in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria during the last quarter of 2013. The launch of the Foundation in these countries and subsequent activities that will be implemented in 2014 and beyond is management’s way of showing appreciation for the support that the people and Government of those countries have shown to Sahara over the years. Our first Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR) programme in Geneva was also carried out in 2013 with plans in place to carry out more in 2014.

For us, the transition from a department to a Foundation further emphasizes the dedication and willingness to constantly leave positive business footprints in the society. As we carry on our activities, we look forward to the continuous partnership with all Sahara Group staff members as well as the general public. We are only able to touch the lives of the disadvantaged through the support of our credible partners in different parts of the world. The beneficiaries are extremely grateful for this support and we are confident that we will achieve much more in 2014 through the continued partnership.

Below is an overview of the foundation: 

Mission Statement

Sahara Foundation is committed to promoting and engaging in activities that build sustainable business excellence in partnership with our communities, societies and environment. 


To make Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility a way of life in all we do 

Objectives of the Foundation

  • To provide an enabling environment where PCSR thrives
  • To ensure stakeholders buy-in and take personal ownership of PCSR initiatives
  • To promote access to quality healthcare
  • To empower the youth to self-reliance
  • To provide a platform for emerging talents
  • To promote the use of alternative sources of energy and clean energy
  • To provide basic social amenities towards enhancing the wellbeing of the society
  • To support platforms that promote constructive learning and education

Focus Areas

With the diverse areas of intervention available, the Foundation’s areas of focus cut across the following: 

Health: Activities in this category include: 

  • Cancer awareness and treatment programmes
  • Eye Care Programmes
  • Provision of Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Provision of Care for People Living with Physical & Mental Disabilities
  • Provision and upgrade of Medical/Laboratory  Facilities
  • Water and Sanitation

 Education and Capacity Building: Activities in this category include: 

  • School Feeding Programmes
  • Creativity Competition among the Youth
  • Career Counseling Programmes for Senior Secondary Students
  • Upgrade of Classroom facilities
  • Scholarships for indigent students
  • Economic Empowerment Programmes

 Environment: Activities in this category include: 

  • Promotion of Green Energy Initiatives and Green Energy Campaign
  • Promotion of Clean Energy through environmental responsibility

 Sustainable Community Development: Activities in this category include: 

  • Provision of social amenities


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