The Net to Live Campaign in Ijora Community

Determined to reduce the incidence of malaria to the barest minimum, Sahara Foundation recently partnered with Kasher Consulting Limited to distribute insecticide treated nets among the densely populated residents of Ijora community in Lagos.

This programme was organized in celebration of the World Malaria day which is celebrated on the 25th of April this year.


After the previous enumeration of the entire community, Sahara staff volunteers were joined by some local community volunteers to distribute the nets from door to door in the thickly populated neigbourhood.

The volunteers were comprised of carpenters armed with their working tools, who hung the nets immediately and left an extra net at each household that gave their consent to the project.


Over 2500 households were provided with the net to shield them from mosquito bites among them pregnant women and children under-five, who represent the most vulnerable group.


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