FAQs on Sahara Group


In its almost 20 years of operations, the Sahara Group has witnessed an unfolding expansion story that transcends global markets and borders. The Group continues to play a leading role in the midstream, downstream, upstream, infrastructure and power sectors, bringing energy to life in the process.

Sahara has a pedigree of providing platforms for economic growth in markets where it operates, always seeking to make a difference through its sustainable approach to corporate responsibility.

Over the last years, Sahara has been involved in initiatives, alliances and activities aimed at developing and strengthening its corporate governance and compliance systems. The thrust of this pursuit of best practice   is   to   ensure   Sahara   operates   a   sustainable   enterprise   that   conducts   its   businesses transparently and efficiently to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Sahara also believes that by applying itself to the highest standards of good governance, it will serve as a model for other businesses to enhance the quest for corporate responsibility and citizenship in Africa and the world. Sahara’s membership of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiatives (PACI) signposts our firm resolve to this cause.

Pursuant to operating a transparent enterprise, we have provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Sahara below. Relevant documents have been attached to some answers where necessary. Sahara restates its commitment to upholding globally acclaimed best practice in all its operations, processes and activities.

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