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Sahara Group, Others Seek Framework For Global Business Integrity

Sahara Group, Others Seek Framework For Global Business Integrity

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Sahara Group, a leading African Energy and Infrastructure Conglomerate has restated its commitment to collaborating with various stakeholders to rout the menace of corruption from governance and businesses to boost global economic growth and business sustainability.

The Sahara Group, which has power, oil and gas operations in eight (8) countries across four (4) continents, was part of the recent Washington 2016 Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Spring Conference which had Deloitte, Basel Institute, Transparency International, Siemens AG, Thompson Reuters and Pathfinder Group, among others in attendance.

The conference focused on Building Transparency and Integrity in Business as well as the role of Youth Engagement in stamping out corruption – using Nigeria and Mexico as the model countries to drive the agenda.

Sahara Group led deliberations on perceived corruption in Nigeria with allusions to the old Japanese theory Kintsukuroi (keen-tsoo-koo-roy) – “to repair with gold” – as a basis for advocating the establishment of PACI backed partnerships and campaigns.

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Sahara noted that there was a “palpable wind of change” in Nigeria that signals the preparedness of the nation to record considerable progress with its ongoing anti-corruption policies. Sahara called for the following:

–              A collaborative effort between the Federal Government of Nigeria, selected Nigerian Businesses and Key PACI members through the World Economic Forum (WEF) CEO’s Forum towards setting a robust anti-corruption agenda

–              The use of technology as a tool for rebuilding trust in the system.

–              Development of regional focus for PACI with Nigeria at the forefront of driving the African agenda

In addition, Sahara reiterated the need for more youth engagement and social inclusiveness towards pioneering an ‘Anti-Corruption Epidemic’ in alliance with the PACI community.  Some youth integration agenda that were highlighted include:

–              Establishing an inclusive engagement plan through exhaustive stakeholder mapping and segmentation

–              Identifying young influencers with trusted voices in society to drive the agenda

–              Deploying accessible technology to high density areas

–              Creating a positive narrative for the agenda through robust communication strategy

PACI members at the event held that the business community in every country should play a critical role in formulating policies and creating systems that will address the root causes of corruption, working through national, regional and global hubs.

According to PACI Co-Chair, David Cruickshank, the organization will focus on private public cooperation, leadership and governance, and role of technology as an enabler for business integrity over the next three years. “PACI’s expansion from a regional perspective with key focus on Nigeria and Mexico will go live within the next one year,” he added, stressing PACI’s resurgent commitment to boost global campaign on “spreading the anti-corruption epidemic”.


Sahara Group is a leading privately owned African Energy and Infrastructure Conglomerate with operating entities active in the Power, Downstream, Midstream, Upstream and Infrastructure sectors. Sahara currently has its operations in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and continues to explore new frontiers to replicate its passion for seeking creative, cleaner and sustainable ways of being the provider of choice wherever energy is consumed. The Group is a member of the World Economic Forum community – Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and collaborates with global, regional and national organisations to promote sustainable development and transparency in business.

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