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Hanatu: Giving Wings to Dreams and Aspirations

Hanatu: Giving Wings to Dreams and Aspirations

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Take nothing away from Joan Momodu. Beneath the façade of her small frame lies a strong character that was made for big stages. She stared at the audience curiously. It was her big day at the premiere of a new film. The huge applause that greeted her introduction was novel. She had by some quirk of fate become a thespian – the unlikely child star in the Sahara Foundation inspired short film – Hanatu.


Joan was created to act the part. How else could one explain a rustic everyday Auchi youngster clinching the role which had eluded scores of children in Lagos? Joan simply had to be Hanatu; reinforcing the movie’s message of hope and giving wings to the aspirations of those who dare to dream.

The Hanatu project began with the desire to tell a story that mirrors the heart of Sahara. The next hurdle was to get a film maker that would interpret the story – with flair and passion. It had to be Kunle Afolayan, whose works stand out in terms of depth and quality. Everyone loves a good story. Hanatu offers this and more. It is an expression of Sahara’s unflinching commitment to good corporate citizenship: a clarion call to the world to spread hope and sustainable development across the globe.


It was July 7, 2017, not even the rains could stop the much awaited Hanatu Premiere. Hundreds of students and guests sat glued to their seats as the ultra-modern screen at Terrakulture in Lagos, Nigeria beamed images from Hanatu. Preye (Gabriel Afolayan) in the film demonstrates how being selfless and genuinely caring for others can kick-start a revolution of hope. Preye’s doggedness helped Hanatu rediscover her dream by linking her despair with a renewed hope for a bright future. By facilitating the process that helped Hanatu secure a prosthetic leg following a dastardly accident which claimed her father’s life, Preye gave Hanatu a new lease of life. At Sahara, we see Hanatu as an expression of who we are and what we do – constantly striving to provide platforms for people, especially the less privileged to live their dreams.

With Hanatu, Sahara is keen to create a gold standard for corporate citizenship – a movement that challenges governments, the private sector and multilateral institutions across the globe to remain resolute in the pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) until all the goals are achieved and surpassed.


Hanatu embodies hope; a commitment to defy the impossible and a demonstration of how far-reaching success can be recorded in developmental projects when we have all stakeholders working together without recourse to race, gender or creed.

Sahara Group has through Sahara Foundation had the privilege to serve, inspire and empower beneficiaries across the globe. Hanatu is yet another bold statement on our resolve to stop at nothing in the quest for promoting sustainable development and empowering individuals and communities where we operate and beyond – sustainably, transparently, responsibly and efficiently.

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