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Tell us some things about yourself

I am Abdurraheem Adedeji Abdul-Majeed, I am a Muslim, Nigerian (Yoruba), Playful (Maybe a little too much… lol), Tech Geek and so on.

I am third from a family of 5 kids. I love technology, traveling, football, history and sleep (Lol).

By November it will have been 2 years since I joined Sahara Group (OMG!!! I am getting old).

What’s your motivation for volunteering?

Volunteering for me stems from the reality that we have all somehow, somewhere benefited from some other person or persons who simply helped – just because – and so theoretically speaking, helping and volunteering within our means is not only one of the only sustainable ways for the world to work, it’s a debt to be paid.

Secondly, given how resources around are not evenly distributed, when you have more, it is a responsibility (not an option or a choice) to give back.

Thirdly, I believe that any act of good I do is a loan I am giving to God. Imagine how the One who holds all the bounty will repay me when it is time to collect.

Finally, “is there any reward for good other than good”? Good always comes to those who do good.

Describe your volunteering experience in September

I build apps and so when the need to help build one came, I was ready to step in and assist in the development of a solution that makes it easier for social impact leaders to know and recognize their Sustainable Development Goals number. It was for a partnership between Sahara Foundation and the Most Influential People of African Descent. I also participated as a judge during the ENACTUS-Sahara Foundation Challenge which is an innovation challenge for higher institutions undergraduates in Nigeria to design power solutions that has the potential to affect lots of people especially in rural Nigeria.

What contribution or achievement are you most proud?

Helping with the SDG Impact Number project; Knowing that many people will use the tool I have created to understand the significance of the work they do in making the world a better place  makes it seem very important and worthwhile

What other organizations or causes do you support or volunteer for?

I am a part of a youth organization that seeks to build individuals that are positively relevant to society while maintaining a strong link with God (Yes I am in love with faith :P). Being a techy, I sometimes volunteer to teach Application and Solution development or mentor new techies on building a career in tech

Do you know about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? If yes, what do you think of them?

I do, I hear a lot about them. I think they are major steps in the right direction and with enough traction, the world will end up as a much better place to live in.

What message would you like to share with others about volunteering?

If you want “Nature” to be kind to you, you want to be safe or you want to live long, volunteer, give, help and support.

It’s very important for us to learn to pay kindness forward. I think it makes the world a better place.

On a lighter note- *drops Mic*, Thanks for coming to my ted talk :p


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