October 8, 2019

Lagos, Nigeria

Innovation. Here’s one word that has become  a modern societal obsession across the globe. In June 2015, Google searches returned 389 million hits for the word, easily beating “terrorism” (92 million), “economic growth” (91 million) and global warming (58 million) (IEEE Spectrum, August 2015).

Having emerged as an energy conglomerate on the wings of innovation, the word evokes passion and industry at Sahara Group. The month of October is set to move the energy giant’s ‘innovation bar’ northward as it’s various entities lock horns to birth new ideas at the Sahara Innovation Week.

Dedicated to incubating innovative solutions that focus on Entrepreneurship and Service Excellence, the Sahara Innovation Week aims to inspire knowledge sharing and inventions that will boost Sahara’s value proposition globally.

The week will demystify techy buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain, and also give employees and the general public an opportunity to ‘innovate’ through quizzes, games, and competitions.

The maiden edition of the Innovation Week will feature several activities including Sahara’s first inter-staff technology Hackathon, where companies of the Group – SGL, Ikeja Electric, Asharami Synergy, Asharami Energy, FIPL, Egbin Power, Centrum SIVC and CVL will compete for the distinctive Sahara’s Most Innovative Team/Individual prize.

While the entire month of October is dedicated to Innovation, the week proper is slated to hold from October 28 – November 1.

At Sahara Group, innovation is our oxygen.