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Sahara Energy Singapore promotes sustainability at Punggol Promenade

Sahara Energy Singapore promotes sustainability at Punggol Promenade

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Volunteering and partnerships can help ensure an effective response to the challenges posed by climate change across the globe, Yomi Benson, Chief Executive Officer, Sahara Energy International Pte Limited, Singapore has said.

Benson who spoke during a beach clean-up exercise embarked on by employee volunteers at the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk in Corney Island, Singapore, said all stakeholders must be involved in the task of keeping planet earth sustainable for all.

He said Sahara Energy employees were delighted to join the exercise as volunteers in collaboration with the National Environment Authority, which is vested with the responsibility of managing the park located off the coast of Punggol in Northeastern Singapore.

“Sahara Energy here in Singapore is replicating the commitment of our parent company, Sahara Group towards promoting environmental sustainability across our locations. The sheer amount of trash, including plastic bottles and bags we have retrieved today, is mind-boggling. We know they are very harmful to the marine ecosystem and we all have a collective duty to protect our aquatic habitats,” he said.

According to him, the volunteering exercise gave Sahara Singapore employees an opportunity to raise awareness on the need for people to stop littering the beach, adding that it also reinforced Sahara’s belief in the critical role of volunteering and partnerships in achieving sustainable development.

“The well-being of the planet we call home can only be safeguarded when we all get involved and join forces. Volunteering is a way of life for us at Sahara and we will continue to seek ways of contributing to making the world cleaner, safer, and energized responsibly for future generations,” he added.

Speaking on the exercise, Chweeyin Tan, Finance Manager, urged beachgoers to dispose of trash responsibly, while Marc Ong, Trader, said people are duty-bound to work towards keeping the environment clean, regardless of where they live. “They are oceans and not dustbins,” Nicole Ng Administrative Officer, stated.

Sahara Energy International Pte Ltd (SIL) is a Sahara Group company established to develop the energy conglomerate’s oil and gas trading business in the East of Suez and far East markets in Asia. Sahara Singapore has been active in Asia since its inception in 2008, further extending its energy trading reach into the APAC region, largely focusing on the South-East Asia markets such as Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Singapore, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, and China markets, respectively.

Sahara Singapore is a recipient of numerous certificates of appreciation from various bodies in recognition to the company’s corporate citizenship interventions, majorly targeted at children. Sahara Singapore has made donations to several children-based charities and homes including, Children Wishing Well, Club Rainbow, and Chen Su Lan Melodist Home. These donations greatly benefit children in homes where they enjoy a nurturing environment, protection from harm, secure emotional ties, and education.


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