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Sahara Group urges human capital transformation in power sector

Sahara Group urges human capital transformation in power sector

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Sahara Urges Human Capital

Leading energy and infrastructure conglomerate, Sahara Group has said ramping up human capital capacity through investment in training, technology and artificial intelligence would enhance performance across the power sector value chain.

Speaking on the Group’s expansion plan, Kola Adesina, Executive Director Sahara Group said the company had through the expertise and commitment of its employees recorded significant achievements in the sector where it operates Egbin Power, the largest thermal plant in sub-Saharan Africa, Ikeja Electric, Nigeria’s largest distribution company, and First Independent Power Limited (FIPL).

Sahara Group through these entities contributes 25 per cent of power generated and distributed in Nigeria, making it the nation’s foremost power company.

Adesina explained that Sahara continues to rethink its human capital profile to adequately tackle challenges and optimize emerging opportunities, with emphasis on achieving generational knowledge transfer and birthing future solutions today through technology.

“One critical need in the sector today is that of ensuring we have the right people manning the machines, processes, operations, and stakeholder management. We also need our regulation and policy formulation to be top-notch. At Sahara, we have a nimble and disruptive approach to keeping our people agile and adaptable to unfolding trends.  This is expressed through our Graduate Engineering Programs, foreign exchange programs for our employees, and various employee learning and development platforms that make our people operate at the highest level,” he said.

Adesina who is also Group Managing Director, Sahara Power Group (a member of the Sahara Group) said continuing investments in its power assets demonstrate Sahara’s dedication to bringing energy to life responsibly and making a difference in the sector.

“From strategic overhauls of our turbines to network upgrades; human capital transformation to technology-driven service delivery and an unwavering investment in environmental sustainability, Sahara Group remains committed to Nigeria’s power project, until we achieve uninterrupted power supply,” he said.

Adesina disclosed that Project Egbin 2.0, which involves doubling the capacity of power plant to shore up generation capacity would be achieved through a mix of alternative and sustainable energy sources to ensure availability of cleaner and more regular power in the nation.

“Sahara Group ventured into the power sector with a mission to make a difference. Beyond being the foremost power operator in Nigeria, our dream is to light up opportunities, homes, businesses, and dreams responsibly,” he said, adding: “We recently embarked  on an overhaul project involving three of our units in Egbin, all of which led to the availability of all six (6) Units at the start of this year, ensuring full capacity at the plant for a sustained period.”

Also speaking, Chief Executive Officer, Egbin Power Plc. Mokhtar Bounour, said the company’s reward and recognition initiatives have continued to drive outstanding performance and innovation within the organisation.

“Our strategy is translated to an action plan where we empower our team members at all levels. We give them equal opportunity to take initiative which enables them to get rewarded for their performance. As you can see, Egbin Power Plc is not just a power plant. We work tirelessly towards making sure that the environment is safe, clean and the people are happy. And they go back safe to their families. They are also enjoying the hard work and delivering the power continuously to the grid with sustainability and responsibility,” he noted.


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