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Making a Difference with Sahara Christmas

Making a Difference with Sahara Christmas

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When the Sahara Group launched the “Sahara Christmas” initiative in 2023, it was to spread and share the joy of Christmas through the contributions of Sahara employees across the energy giant’s locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, who gave resources and gifts towards the project. Chiemelie Ezeobi writes that in its unwavering commitment to promoting social impact, the Sahara love train spread cheer, confections, gifts and blessings from Cote D’Ivoire to Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Singapore, Zambia, Uganda and of course Nigeria

The magic of Christmas never really goes away, even after the season is over. It lives on in the wishes that came true and those that are in the works. Afterall, making wishes is something we do every day; hoping that the spirit of the Christmas season will bring our wishes to reality.

Perhaps the greatest magical moment of Christmas is when it is spent with people who are not fortunate enough to experience the magic. This was exactly the path leading energy and infrastructure conglomerate, Sahara Group, chose, when it decided to share the “Sahara Christmas” in a special way, with special people.

Sahara Christmas Initiative 

Sahara Group launched the “Sahara Christmas” initiative in 2023 to spread and share the joy of Christmas through the contributions of Saharians (Sahara employees).

Saharians across the energy giant’s locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East gave resources and gifts towards the project, which was also carried out by volunteer employees. This is clearly a remarkable example of volunteering; for Sahara, that’s the “P” (PERSONAL) in the Corporate Social Responsibility, according to Bethel Obioma, Head, Corporate Communications at Sahara Group.

Obioma explains that employee giving and volunteering helps to build a sense of community, fostering a positive work culture that ultimately facilitates service excellence and positive impact on benefitting communities and organisations.

“Volunteering is a way of life for all employees at Sahara Group. Saharians are always looking out for an opportunity to give and play integral roles in executing great causes that promote societal well-being. Last year, we implemented the Sahara Christmas on the wings of donations made by employees; we are still thrilled by the magical moments we had sharing the season with others,” he adds.

The Joy of Christmas in Singapore 

In Singapore, the Garden City, about 100 senior citizens, nurses and healthcare assistants of Lee Ah Mooi Elderly Home experienced the joy of the season when Saharians in Singapore visited with lots of love and gifts. They spent some time at the facility learning about the importance of engaging and caring for the elderly. Lee Ah Mooi officials said it was an exceptional Christmas gift for the organisation.

Love for Orphans, Abandoned Babies of Zambia 

House of Moses, an internationally recognised crisis nursery of orphaned and abandoned babies in Lusaka, Zambia, also experienced the joy of the season when Saharians in Zambia came calling bearing gifts, smiles and well wishes for the wonderful children.

Litty Christmas in Ghana with Meals 

The faces of 160 people on select streets in Accra, Ghana lit up with excitement when they experienced the Sahara Christmas.  While some of them may have been wondering where their next meal would come from, Saharians from So Energy, Ghana, a foremost downstream company in Ghana, hit the streets with sumptuous meals in the spirit of Christmas. It was indeed joy and celebration galore.

An Unusual Christmas in Nigerians 

About 42 children and staff of Our Lady, Mother of Perpetual Help Charisma Children’s Home, Omagwa, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, played host to Saharians from Asharami Synergy (Team Omagwa, Port Harcourt). The latter had food items, toiletries, and spent some time dancing and celebrating with children and staff at the facility. It was an unusual Christmas for the Home.

Priesthood Holy Charity Home, FOT, Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria, also experienced the Sahara Christmas when Saharians from Team Onne, Rivers State, visited the facility, consisting of about 32 Children, with food items and gifts.

The joy train also called at the Tender Hearts and Charity Homes, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, when Team Benin visited to spread the joy of the season.

Down the streets of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, excitement sprung up from different corners as Saharians embarked on the mission of spreading the joy of the season. Gift packs were distributed to personnel of the Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) who play a critical role in keeping the highways and streets clean and free of harmful objects. The expressions on their faces could best be captioned as the mood of the season.


Gifts for the Disabled in Senegal

Saharians in Asharami Energy, Senegal brought smiles to the faces of 107 students with intellectual disabilities and behavioural difficulties at the Centre d’Education et de Formation Pour Deficients intellectuels (CEFDI) Dakar, Senegal. The team gifted them with food, toys, and stationary supplies.

Sharing Love in Cameroon

There was a new song at the Heart of Jesus Orphanage, Douala, Cameroon as Saharians in Cameroon shared the love and joy of the season with about 34 children in the facility. In addition to the gifts presented to them, they also spent time interacting with the children, singing and dancing.

An Emotive Moment in Uganda

Uganda was not left out in the excitement. Saharians in Uganda visited St. Teresa Babies Home, an orphanage in Kamapala, Uganda, consisting of about 40 babies between ages 0 and 7, who were found in pit latrines, dumped at police stations, churches, hospitals, etc. The team visited them with posho, beans, rice, sugar, diapers, and biscuits, among others. It was an emotive moment to share with the wonderful children.


Love and Gifts in Cote D’Ivoire 

Saharians in Cote D’Ivoire visited the children and staff of Omega International Centre NGO Orphanage, Cote D’Ivoire, bearing love and gifts.

Sahara’s Unwavering Commitment to Promoting Social Impact 

The Sahara Christmas project has come to stay, says Obioma, who notes that, “Sahara Group is unwavering in its commitment to promoting social impact, with a remarkable level of employee-led activations in the pursuit of bringing energy to life responsibly, transforming lives and making a difference.”

So, in another 11 months, Saharians will set out again to spread the love, joy and excitement the Sahara Christmas brings. Indeed, the magic of Christmas never ends, especially where there is a commitment to share the magic with others!




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