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Nicolas Mignot advocates robust funding of trading entities

Nicolas Mignot advocates robust funding of trading entities

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Nicolas Mignot, Chief Financial Officer, Sahara Energy Resource joined other panellists at the TXF Amsterdam 2024 event to discuss innovative approaches to origination and financing of new business. Key highlights from the session included the need to explore creative strategies for deal origination, with a special emphasis on innovation and digitalization in trade and finance.

Important nuggets on the use of technology to facilitate transactions, creative financial instruments, and positioning emerging markets as opportunities for new business.

Overall, the panel urged more involvement of banks and alternative funding sources in financing small and mid-sized entities and collaboration across the value chain for capacity and value creation.

In Mignot’s words: “Sahara Group believes trading entities need more diversified sources of liquidity to perform the all-important role of delivering energy solutions energy responsibly to drive economic growth and development across the world. We welcome more forums where traders, producers, lenders, platform providers, and insurers, among others, can continue to have sustained conversations and unfolding solutions for seamless financing.”


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