Sahara's Upstream division is one of Africa's leading independent E & P players with a diverse portfolio of nine (9) oil and gas assets in prolific basins across Africa. Asharami Energy Limited. And Sahara Energy Field Holdings UK Limited are the entities at the forefront of our upstream operations. These assets are at various stages of development ranging from exploratory fields to mature producing fields with huge potential for positive returns. The company currently has a capacity to produce at least 10,000 bopd with plans to boost production to at least 100,000 bopd over the next five (5) years.

Our vision is to “Become the pre-eminent exploration & production company operating in Sub-Saharan Africa”. Our E &P activities are driven by an unflinching commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. We have an expanding upstream presence which continues to grow through strategic acquisitions. The business focuses on acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa by taking advantage of the existing windows of opportunity to build a portfolio of assets that are ultimately developed for optimized performance.


Sahara is Africa's leading crude oil and products trading business. The business is fully diversified in terms of regions and products, trading with at least eighty (80) counterparties and with offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. In recent times, the company has traded an average of 80 million barrels of crude and 4 million MT of refined products annually through strategic partnerships and investments. Sahara is currently on target to achieve trade volumes of at least one million (1,000,000) bopd.

Sahara trades with a high diverse group of international players, with its key client base being national oil companies, refineries and other major players in the energy industry in over twenty (20) countries across four (4) continents.

Sahara is a key shareholder in some African refineries, some of which include; Societe Ivorienne de Raffinage (SIR), Societe Africaine de Raffinage (SAR) refinery to mention a few, facilitating the refining of its own crude oil in order to capture the full value of the product transformation.


With over 20 years of experience, Sahara downstream expertise covers product procurement, bulk sales and distribution of petroleum products across the globe. The business has storage terminals across Africa, the Middle East and Europe with a combined capacity in excess of 300million liters for a range of refined petroleum products. Recently, the Group expanded operations in Eastern Africa with a focus to enhance availability of refined products around the region.

Sahara currently owns and operates a number of retail stations across West Africa. Sahara has an additional capacity of 180 million litres of bulk storage in Antwerp and Malta.


SPG is the largest privately owned vertically integrated power company in Sub-Saharan Africa, with plans to expand its generation capacity to exceed 5,000MW by 2023. Our portfolio includes Egbin Power Plc (the largest thermal power plant in Sub Saharan Africa ex. South Africa), Afam, Eleme, Trans Amadi and Omoku Plants.

SPG successfully acquired majority shareholding stakes in two (2) of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria( PHCN) assets under the privatization initiative of the Nigerian Government, namely Egbin Power Plc (the largest privately owned power generation plant in Sub Saharan Africa)and Ikeja Electric Plc (one of the largest power distribution companies in Sub Saharan Africa).

In addition, SPG also acquired a 70% stake in First Independent Power Limited (FIPL). This acquisition reinforced the quest of SPG to enhance its competitive advantage in the sector, whilst looking to deliver world-class power solutions through investments across Africa.


Sahara continuously develops transformative projects via the infrastructure arm of its business. Through SIVC Development Limited (SIVC) and Centrum Properties Limited (CPL), the facilities management arm of our infrastructure service provider, Sahara Group has investments in projects that are designed to address the sort of infrastructural deficits that blight socio- economic development in Africa.

SIVC established in 2013, is developing sustainable energy infrastructure to meet the needs of the Sub Saharan region through infrastructure projects in Oil and Gas, Utility Concessions, Industrial Parks, Real Estate, Hospitality, Agriculture, Healthcare and specialty Government-backed projects.