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Making a Difference since 1996

A career at Sahara will keep you moving. Are you prepared for the journey?

Making a Difference since 1996

A career at Sahara will keep you moving. Are you prepared for the journey?

With continuing investment in people, technology, strategic acquisitions and expansion programs...

Sahara continues to explore new frontiers to deliver sustainable energy solutions through our ambidextrous employees. Our people strategy is always evolving to make our employees more nimble and agile, powered by gender parity policies, diversity and inclusion.

The Sahara GMT program

Give your career aspiration the M.A.D spark.


Learnership Opportunities

Our Graduate Trainee Programs are a career boost for recent graduates and young professionals with a maximum of 2 years work experience, who have the potential and desire to become future entrepreneurial leaders at Sahara. The programme reflects the diversity of roles across board. It is a 12-month entrepreneurship program that adopts a learning system which combines theoretical business know-how with practical application on the job.

Leadership Opportunities

At Sahara, we provide you with a job that grows with you. If you are an experienced hire and looking to take your career to an advanced level in the Oil & Gas and Energy space, then growth opportunities abound. We build and sustain leaders by providing a range of learning opportunities that is exciting for every individual, whether it’s through formal training, added responsibility, stretch projects, job rotation or our global mobility program.


At the core of our work culture is the idea that every contribution matters. While we work hard, we also play hard and to underpin this fact, we leverage a stellar Total Rewards outlook. This outlook leverages competitive compensation, first-rate benefits, opportunities for personal and professional development, unconventional recognition programmes and flexible work arrangements in creating a truly unique work experience.


Our biggest strength is the rich diversity of our people. Our focus is on building the best team of diverse and unusual talents across board by engaging individuals with a variety of expertise, competence & skill, and creating a flourishing environment for them to build the Sahara legacy.


Resilient, Unusual, Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Growth-mindset, Team-obsessed. 

We hunt for talented people who bring unique skills and behaviours that will help us build the Sahara of tomorrow’ irrespective of the leadership ranking, business function or operating location. Anyone who desires to join our team must be open to fast learning and a culture of innovation to every dimension of their work. They must be open to new perspectives, willing to navigate uncertainty and always eager to bring their ‘A’ game to the table.

Our Rewards and Recognition Programmes are designed to establish an undeniable link between achievement of personal and corporate goals. We understand that what motivates our people transcends conventional tit for tat strategies and therefore invest in creating a reward culture that is wholistic, flexible and tailored to guarantee sustainable, collective success.

Your job is not done until the job is done.

This reinforces the premium we place on self-accountability, teamwork and value creation. Getting the job done – every day, a better way – is our foremost passion at Sahara.