At Sahara, our sustainable long-term success is based on the highest integrity of our people in business relationships over the years, providing best practice in the development of our conduct, provision of a safe and secure working environment and treating every employee with fairness and respect. We have also ensured that we manage our impact on the environment and communities we operate in, and set appropriate and consistent standards for dealing with service providers and suppliers.

At Sahara we value our people - they are our most important asset. The energy, enthusiasm and integrity of our people have opened avenues to new and existing businesses and forged a reputation for the highest standard in all that we do.

The Sahara Business Principles are our core beliefs and behaviour that guide the way that Sahara and its employees conduct business. There will never be a trade-off between our performance and principles.

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Corporate governance

Sahara Group developed its corporate governance and business principles in order to deliver outstanding performance over the long term. This can only be achieved where everyone conforms to a set of high standards and sustainable shared values. At Sahara, we strongly uphold our corporate values and passionately conduct our business in a highly ethical manner that promotes free enterprise, excellence and competitiveness.

Over the last years, Sahara has been involved in initiatives, alliances and activities aimed at developing and strengthening its corporate governance and compliance systems. Some of these alliances include our partnership with the World Economic Forum – Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and the Sustainable Development Goal Funds (SDG-F).

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Contract Management and Authorization Policy

Sahara Whistle-blowing Policy

Business Transaction and Relations Charter

Third Party Non-Solicitation Policy

Gift and Hospitality Policy

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy


Pursuant to operating a transparent enterprise, we have provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Sahara below. Relevant documents have been attached to some answers where necessary. Sahara restates its commitment to upholding globally acclaimed best practice in all its operations, processes and activities.

Below are recurring questions (some arising from media reports) which Sahara Group has received from business partners, potential business partners, independent analysts and researchers. Answers have been provided to the questions. Should there be other questions; Sahara Group will update the FAQ document accordingly in line with PACI provisions.

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