Enageed Resource initiates Free Healthcare, ICT Training and Capacity Building for Host Community in Edo State

“We stand ready to ensure continuous development in the communities we operate in, and believe the skills learned and knowledge gained will better equip community contractors to improve the efficiency of their operations and grow their business. We therefore look forward to the future outcome of this training to foster innovation and economic development in the Ajoki Community,”

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Ejiro Gray: Energy Access, Transition not Mutually Exclusive

Sahara Group continues to invest in infrastructure and technology that will enhance access to gas as an option of clean fuel across Africa. Our Liquefied Petroleum Gas vessels are transforming the LPG market, facilitating seamless supply, while our existing and targeted infrastructure outlay will drive efficient storage and distribution of LPG across markets.

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Volunteer Strides of Elfridah Asak – Sahara Foundation Volunteer of the Month (February 2022)

There’s no limit to what change you can bring about as one person if you are willing. Your life is truly worthy only to the extent that you live it for others. And it doesn’t have to take too much. If you’re willing, you’ll find the time, and somehow the resources will come.

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Sahara Technical Regenerator Programme (STRP)

To build the capacity of 120 youths in Nigeria (Lagos, Rivers and Edo) in two technical skills areas – Meter Installations (100 beneficiaries) and Solar Systems Installation & Maintenance (20 beneficiaries). Of the 100 beneficiaries for the meter installation training, we plan to have 50 of them in Lagos and a major outcome would be that they form a pool of potential technicians who will support Ikeja Electric’s efforts to meter consumers within its network in Lagos. The call for application will be targeted across IE’s Business Units.


Being MAD is desirable and inspiring when you work in Sahara Group. Since 1996, Sahara Group has continued to redefine excellence in the energy sector in a transformative way. These past 25 years have been phenomenal. The next 25 years and beyond would certainly be…yes, MAD…you guessed right.
You’re thinking of joining the MAD team right? Your journey to being MAD starts at Sahara Group.

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